Ian is a creative director with 17 years experience across everything from eCRM, mobile, to display, DM, press, POS, digital outdoor, TV and radio.

While practising his trade as an Art Director Ian has worked at many of London’s top creative agencies, including Saatchi & Saatchi, Profero, Wunderman, Proximity, R/GA, and MRM Meteorite .

Since joining Lida in 2012, with his copywriter James Thorley they have led the agency’s largest account as Associate Creative Directors on O2, as well as being ‘Family Heads’ of one of Lida’s four client ‘Families’. This means responsibility for all creative output, fostering strong senior client relationships, nurturing juniors, team building, people management, resourcing and more.
Ian has also worked across many other brands at Lida, such as Invesco, Oxfam, Land Rover, NSPCC, and IKEA, as well as new business.

The highlights of Ian’s career has been from winning a wide range of creative awards across various brands, to managing the largest account at Lida.

Ian is always looking to improve upon these achievements with his next endeavour.

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Child Protection Online

The aim of the campaign was to provide the most up to date advice on safe internet use and to encourage children (11-14 yrs) to think twice about their behaviour online, by presenting them with the potential dangers within the virtual world. The ads ran on social sites that the kids were using.

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Intel Infostream Football

The Intel app gives the user the opportunity to follow their team by supplying live match updates, statistics and all the latest fan chat as it happens.

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Hewlett Packard

HP wanted to engage with business owners and IT managers from the SMB market across EMEA, who need a notebook for business purposes. The core message was that the HP Compaq nx6325 notebook can make you more mobile and versatile than ever before, and as the audience was so broad, the piece had to be compelling enough for the user to want to send it on.

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Frank has a policy of educating its audience and not preaching a ‘don’t take drugs’ message.
This campaign achieved huge interaction rates in a tough, cynical youth market.

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This is a mash up to show the breadth of online brand experiences.

Digital Awards

NMA 2012 Special award for technological innovation
Creative Showcase 2007 Grand Prix
IDM Business Performance 2007 Winner
D&AD 2007 Nominated
Revolution 2007 Winner
One Show 2007 Bronze
Internet Advertising Competition 2007 Winner
IVCA 2007 Silver
Cannes Cyber Lions 2006 Silver
Campaign Digital 2006 Winner
MSN Europe 2006 Gold
Creative Showcase 2006 Winner
IDM Business Performance 2006 Winner
Revolution 2006 Winner
IMA Awards 2006 Winner
Online Publishing Awards 2006 Winner



Monster.com is a career site that offers its users advice in the job market. The campaign ‘Beware of the voices’ is based on the insight that we all know that when it comes to work, we all have an inner voice, but that voice is not always to be trusted. This press ad was created for the European market.


Ariel wanted to provide tips to solve laundry problems, giving advice for those moments when you’ve spilt red wine, found mysterious holes in your clothes or sat on a piece of chewing gum. It’s brave for a washing powder to give advice without saying it’s their product that will solve the actual problem.

Land Rover

This was an April fools joke. Parking your Land Rover at a steep angle in the future could actually contravene an E.U. directive. The legislation states that your tax disc must not exceed 30 degrees. Introducing our self-levelling tax disc holder.

Print Awards

Best direct response print advertising 2011
Campaign Press 2001 Gold


Tetley’s Bitter

The Tetley’s bitter smoothflow campaign ran with the slogan ‘Smoothly does it’. The campaign structure was normally to feature a man coming up with an unusual yet successful solution to a common problem. In this case; how can a man travel for free? This commercial picks on the heightened news coverage of unsuccessful asylum seekers trying to sneak into the country, but being sent home when they are caught. The Tetley’s hero reverses this idea to sneak out of the country to be sent to a luxurious location of his choice.

Lion Cereal

The brief was to create a European campaign that would launch a new cereal to a slightly older market than their normal kiddie approach.



RBS radio was one of the funniest productions and an excellent insight into improvisation. Using the comedy circuit comedians who at the time were the likes of Sally Phillips (Smack the Pony) and David Walliams (Little Britain) the scripts were written as a structure to allow the comedians to bounce off each other, improvising as they went along.

Listen to ‘Dedicated Witches’
Listen to ‘Based 3 Phone’
Listen to ‘Contactable’


A common problem for small, independent businesses is cash flow. Visa saw an opportunity to target these businesses and address this problem through radio by communicating how Visa could help them with any overheads, thus allowing them to keep trading.

Listen to ‘Zoo’
Listen to ‘Hypnotist’
Listen to ‘DJ’

Radio Awards

Money Marketing 2004 Silver


MRM London appointment

Delighted James has agreed to come and work with me at MRM London.

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Campaign Pick of The Week

Child Protection Online was the first digital campaign to be chosen as Campaign’s Pick of The Week.